The SJW Comic Book Club

S10E3 - Daredevil: Born Again

April 07, 2022 Season 10
The SJW Comic Book Club
S10E3 - Daredevil: Born Again
Show Notes

When a person's life has been destroyed, what is left of them? And where can they go from there?

This week we read Daredevil (1964) #226-233: Born Again, a famous arc by Frank Miller which was OBJECTIVELY selected as the best Daredevil comic for redeeming the character. In this arc, Matt Murdock's life is systematically dismantled by the Kingpin after he learns Daredevil's secret identity.

Next week will be Mini-sode #3: Who Is Lucifer?, a comparative discussion between Monte and Melissa (who have seen the Lucifer show) and Veronica (who read Lucifer's appearances in Sandman and has delved into the Lucifer comic). The week after that, we will be reading Black Widow (2014) #1-6: The Finely Woven Thread. We invite you to read along with us.

Veronica's theme this season is Redemption (for characters we didn't like before). Monte's theme is Femme Fatales.

We finally appeared on The Colored Pages Book Club, to discuss the adorable Bingo Love! Also check out Monte, Veronica, and Melissa's separate guest appearances on Waiting on the Trade! Monte, Veronica, and Melissa also each appeared on Watching Netflix Without You! And Veronica and Melissa appeared together on Super Sideshow to discuss the finale of the Hawkeye TV show, and Melissa appeared alone to discuss WandaVision (twice!).

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