The SJW Comic Book Club

BONUS - Nimona

July 28, 2022 Season 11
The SJW Comic Book Club
BONUS - Nimona
Show Notes

What had slipped from our grasp has been picked up by Netflix, and the Nimona movie is going to happen!

In celebration, this week we're reading the seminal work of ND Stevenson, the graphic novel Nimona, adapted from the webcomic of the same name! Join us as we revel in its awesomeness!

A comic about ND Stevenson's name.

Next week is Monte's first comic of Season 11, The Wilds (2018) #1-5.

Monte's theme this season will be works by writer Vita Ayala.  Veronica's theme will be a character study of Wonder Woman (with curation assistance by @AnneComics on Twitter, cohost of The Comics Collective).


Check out the inaugural crossover of the Hall of Pods, our new podcast network! We discuss Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness with The Fandom Optimists, Cape Corner, and True Believers: a Comics PoDCast! Find all of our links here.

Veronica and Melissa appeared together on Super Sideshow to discuss the finale of the Hawkeye TV showMelissa appeared alone to discuss WandaVision(twice!), and Veronica hopped on to objectify the men of the MCU. Monte appeared on The Fandom Optimists to discuss the third episode of Moon Knight.

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